Within the framework of the Interreg MED Programme, Green Growth is a thematic community promoting sustainable development in the Mediterranean, based on the sound management of natural resources by enhancing cross-sectoral innovation practices through an integrated and territorially-based cooperation approach.

The community consists of 14 projects connecting 165 partners from 13 countries in the Mediterranean, with a total budget of around €30M. These projects tackle topics from agrofood, eco-innovation, smart cities, waste management to green growth financing.  

The community supports projects in their communication and capitalisation efforts, thus increasing their impact at the policy level and ensuring their potential transfer and replication of their results into other territories. 

The Union for the Mediterranean labelled the Green Growth Community in October 2019, thereby  acknowledging its potential to advance cooperation in the transition to a green and circular economy and to deliver concrete benefits to the citizens of the Mediterranean region.

The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) supports the development and implementation of this project within the 2030 GreenerMed Agenda. UfM provides regular policy and technical advice and facilitates the integration, coordination and upscaling of the main project activities and outcomes within the relevant UfM Policy Frameworks and beyond, maximising the dissemination of results among UfM countries and stakeholders at Euro-Mediterranean level.

A project labelled by the UfM:

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The Green Growth Capitalisation Platform (GGCP)

The Green Growth Capitalisation Platform (GGCP) is a new digital tool for the Interreg MED Green Growth Community. It improves the sharing of projects results and materials as well as the development of new partnerships and synergies between institutions and stakeholders, including those that are already involved and new members of  the Community.

Learn more about the Interreg MED Green Growth Community’s 5 thematic areas and project results here:

Interreg-MED Green Growth Community in numbers

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