Why & How

The Interreg MED Green Growth Community was established in the framework of Interreg MED  to address the MED area’s main challenges related to Green Growth, to promote sustainable development and innovation in the fields of:

This community of projects is driven by the following objectives: 

  • Empowering a Green Growth Community for Mediterranean and non-Mediterranean stakeholders: the creation of a solid community will act as a hub able to collect project results, disseminate and capitalise them among partners, consortia, stakeholders and countries. 
  • Upgrading Green Growth Community networks: the community will create bridges and seek collaboration with networks, institutions and programmes inside and outside the Interreg MED cooperation area to transfer the projects’ knowledge and results while promoting synergies among initiatives in the Mediterranean region. 
  • Capitalisation support: capitalisation and transfer activities will be performed to share the project results and initiate the potential replication of projects in other countries. Common policy outcomes will be produced to inform the evolution of the national and EU Circular Economy and Green Growth legal and policy frameworks.