The Green Growth Community co-organized with the Region of Crete an SDG focused session, during the European Week of Regions and Cities.

“Sustainable Development in Local Governments” event took place on 10th of October 2019, at Rond-Point Schuman 14, in Brussels, Belgium.

The Green Growth Community co-organized with the Region of Crete an SDG focused session, during the European Week of Regions and Cities.

During the session, SDGs definitions were given, strategy approaches were discussed, as well as budget and resource opportunities. More specifically:

Mr. George Kremlis, Honorary Director DG Environment at the European Commission, mentioned the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and how they are linked all together. The similarities and complementarities among the EU Circular Economy Package and Sustainable Development Goals were analyzed. “If we comply with the Circular Economy Package, then most of the SDGs will be met” so the EU is a pioneer given that aspect. He also mentioned Circularity and Decoupling.  

Mrs. Christina Deligianni, Managing Director of Verture, presented SDG Indicators for Impact Investment and ESG Finance: A new Method for Assessing the Sustainability Impact of Finance and Investment. The importance of the compliance of new investments with the Sustainable Development Goals was also analyzed. Verture has developed innovative AI/IT tools that can provide visualization of likelihood an investment, a project or even a company meeting sustainability target and they can also calculate the overall SDGs' compliance of each investment. Investments that don’t respect the SDGs are currently characterized as high risk and are more probable to fail in the long run.

Mrs. Eleni Hatziyianni, Director of Environment and Spatial Planning, in the Region of Cretehighlighted the efforts of the Region towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Policies and Actions for the implementation of the SDGs were analyzed. More than 35 innovative EU proposals were submitted this year from the Prefecture of Crete for projects related with sustainability! KPIs are currently developed so as to create specific Sustainability indicators for the Governance Plan of the Crete Region. Mrs. Hatziyianni referred at the partnerships that are needed for the Goals, the debate, the interaction, the consultation needed as well as the Best Practices Multilevel Governance and Horizontal Synergies.


Finally, Mr. Dimitrios Kokosioulis mentioned how the Green Growth Community can be linked with the SDGs, by Enhancing Resource Efficiency in the Mediterranean Agro-food Sector, Promoting Green and Smart Public Services within the Mediterranean Municipalities, Promoting Competitiveness and Innovation of Mediterranean SMEs, for a Circular Economy.