HP partnership

The HP partnership

The HP partners are University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia (UVic - UCC) as the leading partner, together with Fondazione Ecosistemi, the University Consortium for Industrial and Managerial Economics (CUEIM), Dynamic Vision and the Regional Council of Durres. The consortium counts with four associated partners, which are Capenergies, the Center for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES), CIHEAM - Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (MAICH) and the Slovenian Tool and Die Development Center (TECOS).








The HP partners

CT BETA, University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia (UVic - UCC) Vic (Barcelona), Spain

The Technology Centre for Biodiversity, Ecology and Technology, and Environmental and Food Management (BETA) at the University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia (UVic-UCC) aims to improve competitiveness and technological development in companies through R&D projects at a local, state or European level transfer ring innovative and competitive technology with environmental sustainable criteria.

UVic-UCC has a powerful network: it has participated in INNOVAC Cluster, AINS Cluster of Nutrition and Health, Agro-Food Cluster Association of Typical Mountain Products, Catalan Federation of Meat Industries (FECIC) and Triptolemos Foundation. UVic-UCC has also been incorporated in 5 Communities RIS3CAT. It is a partner of CREACCIÓ (entrepreneurship, innovation & knowledge agency) dealing with the socioeconomic regions' development and the SC+i (Network of Scientific Culture and Innovation Units), which is the main dissemination agent of science & innovation in Spain. UVic-UCC has the presidency of the Communication Commission of CRUE Spanish Universities, responsible for directing their communication policies and promoting their research.

Fondazione Ecosistemi Rome, Italy

Fondazione Ecosistemi is specialized in sustainability consulting both for the private and the public sector. Ecosistemi has a great expertise on sustainability reporting, environmental accounting, environmental management systems and participatory processes. They are the leading group in Italy for Green Public Procurement, and they have a long standing experience in European funds for sustainability.

Ecosistemi has an extended experience in capitalization of green growth projects, with a specific focus on Green Public Procurement across Europe where it facilitates national and international networks that promote the exchange of good practices and the building of a common ground between different approaches. It has carried out projects in the field of sustainable development both in public and in the private sector. Its expertize lies on building bridges between enterprises, public administrations, research institutions and civil society. Ecosistemi has an extended knowledge of environmental and economic issues and it masters stakeholder engagement tools.

University Consortium for Industrial and Managerial Economics (CUEIM) Rome, Italy

CUEIM is a non-profit organization based on a network of 26 universities and a variety of businesses, as well as public and private institutions. Its activity includes study and research activities in order to support scientific dissemination and services in the field of training. CUEIM's characterizing feature lies in its combination of scientific rigor and pragmatism in the context of an interdisciplinary approach.

CUEIM holds a technical and scientific expertise in several Green Growth thematics: environmental economics, renewables and bio-energy, phytodepuration, valorisation of natural resources.  Thanks to its vast network, CUEIM has access to technical resources that can increase the necessary and specific expertise required by Horizontal Projects. In addition it produces knowledge, innovation, highlights research and monitors scientific dissemination, communication and training activities in GG thematic, addressed to various stakeholders. CUEIM will transfer knowledge beyond MED boundaries giving emphasis to business and managerial potential of green growth.

Dynamic Vision Athens, Greece

Dynamic Vision is a lobbying and communication company that offers solutions to privately held companies, SMEs, Universities and NGOs on a wide spectrum of professional domains, such as health, environmental, FMCG products, information and technology services. Dynamic Vision is implementing projects varying from training of health care experts to awareness campaigns and market research, business plans and publicity actions.

Dynamic Vision is oriented to offer unique and customized solutions as far as their practices, processes and methodologies are concerned. Before we recommend any alteration, we discuss. We map our plans, short and long term goals. It is important to identify the “pain” that needs to be addressed. Competences: depth of experience, familiarity with funded projects management, ability to build trust, realistic depiction of project success rate, balanced Trade-off between cost and quality, long term orientation of co-operations and continuous interaction with customers.

Regional Council of Durres Durres, Albania

Durres Region has a population of over 400 thousand inhabitants and it is extended on a surface of 740 km2. It creates an operation space for nearly 10.000 private enterprises traditionally going around 3T-Trade, transport and tourism. It is considerable the contribution of urban, trade, industrial and tourist constructions, industrial and agro-alimentary production, fishery, and other services as well. The Region comprehends two districts, which six municipalities and ten communes. All are represented in Durres Regional Council, an institution playing the role of a local coordinative government.

The Regional Council of Durres has sufficient experience to communicate and disseminate all striking outputs of the individual MED projects. This is justified from previous experiences in similar projects (i.e. pilot project outputs obtained in DELMVET Project). Regional Council of Durres has strong links in the country and can be a strong partner for the consortium in order to communicate MED findings in the area of Albania and the IPA countries. It has a dedicated department dealing with EU projects.


CAPENERGIES Aix-en-Provence, France

Capenergies is a cluster dedicated to energy sources not producing greenhouse gases. Its network gathers more than 500 members including companies (whose 90 % are SMEs), financial actors, research and training organisations, universities, public labs, technical centres, regional authorities and more than 1460 other national and international partners. The cluster’s new motto is “the energy transition actors in the service of sustainable territories”. Strategic activities of the cluster relate to the production, smart management and savings of energy.

Center for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES) Attica, Greece

CRES role will be mainly related to express its vision and policy strategy as well as to contribute to the diffusion of awareness on green growth in an EU level. In particular its involvement will consist of: networking, providing knowledge & expertise; participating actively in conferences & transnational events; fostering discussions/debates with inputs or observations; supplying any national documentation, that might be useful to the project and providing suggestions about transferring results beyond MED.

CIHEAM - Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (MAICH) Chania (Crete), Greece

CIHEAM-MAICH, a member of the International Centre of Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies, focuses on developing scientific cooperation through the provision of education & implementation of quality research at local/national/international level. A strategic scope is the dissemination of knowledge, know-how and innovation in fields such as business economics & management, applied biological, technological & environmental sciences.

Slovenian Tool and Die Development Center (TECOS) Celje, Slovenia

As one of the key stakeholders of the East Slovenian region's initiative Innovative Open Technologies, TECOS promotes green growth & innovation capacities and assists network support between traditional sectors & creative industries. As policy recommender TECOS contributes in fostering territorial innovation capacity, especially for SMEs, promotes business investments in R&I and facilitates knowledge transfer between enterprises, R&D centres & higher education sector. Sustaining clusters' development & cooperation at regional/national/transnational level is a strong competence of TECOS.

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