Community building with our new modulars!

Marseilles, 22 of February 2018

Green Growth Community welcomes the new modular projects (8) in the fields of eco-innovation, smart-cities, waste management, green finance.

Our 14 projects now are:

ARISTOIL - Reinforcement of Mediterranean olive oil sector competitiveness through development and application of innovative production and quality control methodologies related to olive oil health protecting properties

CAMARG - Clusters of Innovative Zero-km Agrofood Marketplaces for Growth

MADRE - Metropolitan Agriculture for Developing an innovative, sustainable and Responsible Economy

PEFMED - Uptake of the Product Environmental Footprint across the MED agrofood regional productive systems to enhance innovation and market value

MED Greenhouses- Green Growth through the capitalization of innovative Greenhouses

Embrace- European Med-clusters Boosting Remunerative Agro-Wine Circular Economy 

RE-LIVE WASTE- Improving innovation capacities of private and public actors for sustainable and profitable REcycling of LIVEstock WASTE

REINWASTE- REmanufacture the food supply chain by testing INNovative solutions for zero inorganic WASTE

ESMARTCITY- Enabling Smarter City in the MED Area through Networking

Green mind- GREEN and smart Mobility Industry innovation

GRASPINNO - Transnational model, strategies and decision support for innovative clusters and business networks towards green growth, focusing on green e-procurement in EE/RES for energy refurbishment of public buildings

CreaInnovation- Adopting a creative entrepreneurship approach to sustainable innovation

GREENOMED - Mediterranean Trans-Regional Cooperation for green manufacturing innovation.

FinMED- Boosting the financing of  innovation for green growth sectors through innovative clusters services in the MED area  (INTEGRATED PROJECT)


More synergies, more knowledge sharing, much more potential !!!