“Empowering territories for a Sustainable Mediterranean”

On behalf of the Interreg MED Communities:

Renewable Energy, Green Growth, Urban Transports, Sustainable Tourism, Blue

Growth and Biodiversity Protection, we would like to invite you to visit our common stand at Ecomondo 2018 that will be held from 6th - 9th of November at Rimini, Italy.

We also encourage you to join our Conferences during the first and third days.


Stand 017- Pavillon D4

Our sessions

1.       Empowering territories for a Sustainable Mediterranean 

Tuesday, November 6, 2018 (14:00-18:00), Tiglio Room A6 Pav

Organized by: Interreg MED Green Growth, Blue Growth, Renewable Energy, Urban transports, Sustainable Tourism and Biodiversity Protection Communities

Chair: Alexia Boulanger, Environment Park – Renewable Energy community

We believe that a sustainable development for the Mediterranean region is achievable if we succeed in making the proactive attitude of multiple stakeholders converge to tackle strategic challenges on a given territory. However, nurturing the interregional cooperation dimension is essential to share knowledge and to keep a more holistic approach to tackle global issues such as climate change, depletion of non-renewable resources, as well as land, water and sea pollution.

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2.       Sustainability approaches for clusters in the Mediterranean

Thursday, November 8, 2018 (09:30-13:00), Orchidea Room 1st floor D6 Pav

Organized by: Interreg MED Green Growth Community

Chairmen: BETA Tech Center - University of Vic (Spain), Fondazione Ecosistemi (Italy), CUEIM (Italy) from the INTERREG MED Green Growth Community

The workshop “Sustainability approaches for clusters in the Mediterranean” is organized by the INTERREG MED Green Growth community, which gathers and creates communicational, technical and political synergies among 14 projects and over 100 stakeholders (NGOs, public authorities, businesses, research institutions) of the Mediterranean region. Clusters play a key role in reinforcing the competitivity of businesses, through their capacity to reunite numerous economic actors working for a mutual benefit and thus to easily foster the dissemination of sustainability principles. Moreover, clusters are a priority of action for the majority of projects in the Green Growth community. The half-day workshop will provide a unique opportunity to debate and gather insights concerning the state-of-the-art, perspectives and good practices from academia representatives (such as University of Sant’Anna), sustainability experts (such as Fondazione Ecosistemi) and clusters from the Mediterranean region such as Italy, Spain and Slovenia working on a variety of themes such as water, energy, manufacturing and eco-design.

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