Celebrating 25 years of LIFE projects with a webinar

On the 22nd of May 2017, within the LIFE project GPPbest, Fondazione Ecosistemi and its institutional partners: Region Basilicata, Region Sardegna, Region Lazio and Romanian Ministry of Environment are organizing an online conference to celebrate the support that LIFE Programme offered in the last two decades for the dissemination and deployment of Green Public Procurement (GPP). More specifically, the online conference will aim to:


  • facilitate the exchange of information and tools across the most significant EU GPP projects funded by LIFE;
  • encourage synergies among the GPP LIFE initiatives, their replicability and sustainability;
  • create a EU space of debate and dialogue across the representative GPP LIFE stakeholders to favor future joint actions;
  • promote LIFE support for GPP practices beyond the experts and stakeholders environments, to the general public.

The online conference is benefiting from the support of the LIFE National Contact Points from Italy and Romania, two key stakeholders of the GPPbest project.