Launch of the Green Growth Capitalization platform (GGCP)

A new digital tool for the Green Growth Community has been launched improving the sharing of the projects’ results and the development of new synergies and collaborations.

The Green Growth Community is pleased to invite you to explore our new digital tool – the Green Growth Community Platform- and join our network!

The Green Growth Community has developed the Green Growth Capitalization Platform to implement the Capitalization principle, stressing the attention on results and replicability of experiences. The Capitalization principle shapes all the dimensions of the projects’ lifecycle and covers the organization of data concerning the implementation of programmes, projects, the impacts, the methods used in order to make the accumulated experience usable for other programmes, projects or stakeholder groups.

The Capitalization Map represents the core of the Platform where data referring to Projects, Partners, SMEs, Stakeholders and Results are highlighted, geo localized and grouped into the five main thematic areas of the Green Growth Community: Agrofood, Eco-Innovation, Smart City, Waste Management, Green Growth Finance.

Furthermore, the Platform offers the possibility to explore and learn more about the Green Growth Community and any result with a replicable effect for other contexts as well as the outputs produced by the Community during the TWGs’ work around the topic of Circular Economy: Legal Recommendations, Policy Recommendations, Circular Economy White Papers and Green Growth Book.

The Green Growth Capitalization Platform becomes a point of contact for any actor addressing the same issues within the Community and beyond.  It represents an ideal environment where collaboration, result transfer and synergies amongst the actors can be realized.

Stakeholders sharing the Green Growth Community values, can synergistically integrate their networks/ projects and results with the resources of the Green Growth Community Platform, therefore implementing the transferring activities and finding synergies and opportunities to collaborate for a Mediterranean “Green Growth”.

Explore our Platform here