The 3rd Green Growth transnational event in Durrës, Albania

"The role of the regional and local policy makers in enhancing Green Innovation"

For the first time, the Green Growth Community has organized a transnational event in the Balkans. On 15th-16th November 2019, the Region of Durrës, Albania, hosted the 3rd Green Growth transnational event “The role of the regional and local policy makers in enhancing Green Innovation”. The event was officially launched by the President of the Regional council of Durrës, followed by the Perfect of the Region, the Mayor and the representative of Interreg Med community.


The event was a success and the interest of local and international stakeholders from the neighboring countries was very high. More than 90 participants attended the event having the chance to exchange with key players related to Green Growth. Green policy making, green growth financing and procurement tools were presented, both by an EU and a regional/local perspective, considering the specific characteristics of the Region. The interest was also kept high during the second day of the event, when MED experiences were presented and a round table trying to define the framework for policy coherence for sustainable development concluded the event. The importance of the event was underlined by the presence of speakers from more than 15 countries, representing a vast range of stakeholders such as Governmental authorities, Universities, Chambers of Commerce, NGO's and civil society organizations.


The level of sufficiency of the strategies and initiatives that we have committed to implement and agreed to promote in relation to Green Growth and Green Innovation topics were discussed, taking the audience one step further towards this issue.