The Green Growth Community actively involved in the new WP10 - Innovation of Panoramed!

8-9 May 2019, Slovenia

The first meeting of experts of the WP10 of PANORAMED took place in the Jožef Stefan Institute of Ljubljana, Slovenia, the past 8 and 9 of May of 2019 with an active participation of the Green Growth Community.

The main objective of the event was to engage the methodology of data collection and analysis that will engage the next steps of the previously defined lines of work.

A relevant issue discussed by the experts was the definition and delimitation of conceptual frameworks to identify and analyze good practices and the gaps and opportunities related to the MED challenges. The discussion turned around some of the more relevant concepts identified as relevant for the setting up of effective innovation environments in the Mediterranean region:

·  Definition of systemic innovation approaches, beyond the traditional visions mainly focused on technological dimension.

·  Reduction of trade-offs, to build synergies across stakeholders and economic activities, while maximising shared value in an equitable manner.

·  Development of governance models for responsible research and innovation that integrate public engagement, gender equality, science education, open access/science and ethics to tackle societal challenges (SDGs) in more effective ways. 

Based on these viewpoints and within the framework, WP10 will provide analysis of gaps and opportunities related to good innovation practices in the Mediterranean Area or with a clear potential to be applied in the region at local, regional, national or international. 

The second meeting of experts will take place in Brussels the next September. It will be the opportunity to discuss the information provided by the experts and the gaps and opportunities identified during the process. In addition, the first draft of the definition of potential strategic projects to be discusses in The Innovation camp, which will take place on the 17 and 18 of October in Barcelona.