The Green Growth Community building event and the creation of the Green Growth TWGs

On 15 November 2018 just before the launch of the 3rd Green Growth transnational event, a Green Growth Community building event took place, in Durrës, Albania.

The Green Growth community launched (4) Thematic Working groups (TWGs), in order to help each modular to link objectives and policies related to their project to the policies and priorities of the EU, based on the principles of the new Circular economy framework.

The Modular projects of the Community gathered together to discuss their objectives, challenges and contributions to policies and the following TWGs were created:

·      Production and Consumption: Resource Efficiency

·      Production and Consumption: Smart and Green Public Services

·      Waste prevention & management

·      Competitiveness and innovation

The TWGs will provide the opportunity to enhance synergies and joint work between the modulars in view of capitalization and policy outputs.