Two Interreg MED Communities met in Ancona (Italy) at a conference on sustainable tourism

The Green Growth Community and the Sustainable Tourism Community were present at the conference “Sustainable tourism: Good practices from the Academy to territories” held in Ancona (Italy) on December 5th, 2019. The event, organized by the Marche Polytechnic University in collaboration with CUEIM, has represented an important opportunity to promote the Interreg MED communities’ activities and build synergies in the field of sustainability among strategic public and private actors (Italian Regions, Municipalities, Universities, local communities and SMEs).

The Green Growth Community and the Sustainable Tourism Community are two of the 8 thematic communities which support the implementation of the Interreg MED strategy with their networks of: 14 projects working on sound and innovative management of natural resources and 17 projects working on innovative instruments and actions towards the enhancement of tourism sustainability in the Mediterranean.

The conference gathered more than 20 speakers who shared their best practices in the field of sustainable tourism and valorization of territories. The Interreg MED Green Growth Community has been represented by Martina Vallerotonda, Project Manager at CUEIM. In her presentation, she made an overview of the GG Community’s 5 thematic areas and introduced The Green Growth Capitalization Platform (GGCP), the digital tool that improves the sharing of projects’ results and materials as well as the development of new partnerships and synergies between institutions and stakeholders, both already involved and new to the Community.

In particular, she enhanced how being part of the GG Community’s international network, recently endorsed by the Union for the Mediterranean, can stimulate the development of further shared initiatives, improve the projects’ visibility and multiply the opportunities of collaboration in the concerned areas of agro-food, eco-innovation, smart cities, waste management and green growth finance. 

Ermete Mariani, Knowledge and Communication Manager at Unimed, has also participated as speaker at the conference. He described the experiences and the results obtained so far by the Interreg MED Sustainable Tourism Community in supporting transnational cooperation in the valorisation and dissemination of sustainable practices.