Our goals


Creation of a solid Green Growth Community that will act as a hub to accept modular project results and disseminate them among partners, consortia and countries. That way, solutions will be available for all consortia to use and benefit from.


Interreg-MED Green Growth Community will create bridges and externalize the community's members efforts towards innovation. It will link the most successful EU environmental clusters, associations, networks outside MED areas and organize bilateral events and training activities that will transfer their “best practices” to the ones of the MED area.


Capitalisation-transfer will consist of activities to outreach the project results to transnational and European level.

All capitalisation activities will be available for Axis 4 of Interreg MED and the final goal is to end-up with a group of unprecedented green growth policy recommendations.


Interreg-MED Green Growth Community will ensure future use of outputs by:

  1. Policies that promote green growth, supported with appropriate information and specialized indexes to monitor progress and gauge results 4 of them on the green area
  2. Indexes*: Financial/Social/Environmental/Indexes measuring transferability will be created and measured in order to produce unified results.
  3. Environmental experts will “translate” findings of modular projects and coach the Technical Groups to adopt common methodologies.Their contribution will be valuable in order to create unified results and agree upon the "MED Green Growth Indexes".

A Networking session will take place among members of Green Growth Excellence Group, in order to end-up with the most important indexes. The produced Tool (software) will demand data entry conducted for all modulars in pre-determined timeframes.

A Training methodology will be produced. During all internal events/bilateral meetings starting from the event in France (Act 2.3) modulars will be trained in the tool's use. It will be integrated in the MED Website. Follow-up & monitoring is needed.

The Green Growth Excellence Team will decide along with the technical managers and the MA/JS which will be the Green Growth indexes that will be monitored simultaneously by all modular projects of the Community. A Tool that will provide the selected measurements on socio-economic, environmental, transferability etc. indexes will be created. Data entry will be conducted in defined timeframes by modulars. The tool will ease normality and similarity and will assist WP4’s results’ homogenisation.

The Horizontal project Monitoring and Evaluation Activity 
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Plan; 
  • Evaluation questionnaires;
  • Mid-term internal and external evaluation; 
  • Evaluation report of PR/Communication activities; 
  • Project financial auditing; 
  • Closure - Final report. 

The M&E plan will foresee a “mixed process”: an on-going internal procedure and a mid-term audit carried out by an external expert, using the “Monitoring form”.

The key point for the evaluation and monitoring procedure will be the assessment of deliverables and milestones. The M&E plan will assess compliance with GANTT and the quality of deliverables.

Finally, stakeholders' interviews will be carried out for the qualitative evaluation of effectiveness of the project actions. In case of non-compliance with the forecasts, corrective action will be taken, in accordance with the contingency plan.